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Zlatex is a Macedonian leading contract manufacturer for production of high-tech protective clothing and firefighting suits. Since 1989 we are focused on implementing the best standards and values. We are a certified GORE-TEX partner, with remarkable expertise and huge experience working on uniforms for rescue and first aid departments, police, army, German post offices as well as firefighting departments for the European market, especially for Germany, UK, Austria, Switzerland, and others… Read more

Our corporate culture is based on trust and respect. We encourage a working environment that is characterized by openness and understanding. Our long-term partners are proof of it, as well as our commitment to creating the best safety and protective product. Our strategic goal is “employee satisfaction makes customer satisfaction”. We are guided by our greatest value, and that is the family. We are a family company that takes care of our employees as if we are one big family. It is important to us that everyone’s opinion is heard and that all colleagues are seen. That is why we spend a lot of effort working with informal dialogues and communication. We do not only respect differences, but we also encourage them as we think they are a necessity for our further development. Employee safety and satisfaction are the main challenge for the high quality we offer to our customers.”

Marijana Aceski Tomovska

General Manager

Why Choose Zlatex


Our vision is to make our own brand that meets safety and style. We believe that everyone deserves durable clothes that fit comfortably, protect the end users and look nice in it, from the moment they show up for work until they come back home.


Every professional is safe and secure in their workwear. No matter if he/she is in the field on new streets’ construction, or placed high on a pole, or setting up streetlights, or putting out fires somewhere and saving other people’s lives… We want everyone to feel safe and secure with the workwear he/she wears and help in overcoming all challenges and be their best support every single day.


We are professional and with our experience in the production of protective and safety workwear, we understand how important the protection of working professionals is, so we bring the highest quality of all products we produce. We follow the latest technologies and implement them immediately in our production facilities. And we always strive to develop a better solution for ourselves as well as for our clients.


Our Story

It all started in 1989 when Zlatan and Nevenka Aceski decided to quit their secure jobs and invest in something new. They opened the first private textile company in Macedonia. With their dedication and belief in a very short time period, from 9 employees, they became a serious company of 150 employees. At the beginning they had started their success with production of children’s wear, but then the portfolio expanded with production of trousers and blazers, jackets and coats, as the company was growing within 4 production plants with around 300 people… Read more
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