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Production & Services

Our Production

The production of ZLATEX is spread in two production plants, the both near the city of Tetovo which is 40 km away from the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje and the head office is located in Skopje.

150 qualified employees are instrumental for ZLATEX’s business success. Every one contributes with his/her qualification and performance to the company’s mission.

Our production is 90% CMT export-oriented, and the remaining 10% is met by the needs of our foreign and domestic customers by supplying them with ready-made clothes. We develop the model from sketch to complete product.

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We are specialized in producing safety and protective clothes, as well as firefighting suits. Therefore, the facilities are organized according to highest standards, and equipped with the latest technology, such as

  • PFAFF seam sealing machines
  • Fusing presses of different lenght
  • Automatic sewing machine
  • Pocket automat
  • Velcro automat
  • Belt machine
  • Bartack sewing machine
  • Press botton machine
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Our Services

Following the needs of our customers, we aim to offer all in one place. Our young team is dynamically moving towards its realization.

Zlatex holds the license for export-import of goods for temporary finishing with a direct contact with foreign clients.

 We can provide production of the full range of products at our production facilities or with the help of our subcontractors. Our team takes care of customs-clearance of goods, direct insurance of goods upon import into Macedonia, logistical organization of loading and unloading to a specific facility, technical support of your order, language support of technical documentation and your technician.

For simpler and faster delivery of the goods to the customer or to the subcontractors, we have our own transport, – a van with a capacity of up to 1.2 tons, which we put at your disposal.

We organize for you all additional services needed to finish the product, such as pattern grading, plotting, printing labels, embroidery and laundry.

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